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Simon Amz
Simon Amz
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Confusion between using __len__ overrided or not

I my code below, the length output is always 5, even with the modification the de return 'count = len(self) + 3'

How to modify the value of an attribute in a magic function?

Thanks for your help
class Liar(list):

    def __len__(self, length):
        count = super().__len__(self)
        count = len(self) + 3
        return count

# test = Liar()
# test = [1, 3, 33, 'hello', "dog"]
# print(test.__len__())

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Sebastian Popa
Sebastian Popa
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First of all , for __len__ you need only 1 argument and that is self. Maybe try this :

class Liar(list):
    def __len__(self):
        return super().__len__() + 2

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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Also, calling len() from within the __len__ method causes infinite recursion:

RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded