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Confusion on For Loop in Python in Intro to Dictionaries

I have rewatched the videos on this one and am not sure why the items word is not the fill in the blank for all of the quiz.

It feels like they would be calling the items() method on the loop to get the iteration of the keys.

Not sure what I am doing wrong?

Here is the code:

student = {'name': 'Craig', 'foo': 'bar'}

for key in student. ____(): print(key)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The "items" method returns both the keys and the values. If you only want the keys, you can use the "keys" method.

Blue DiamondXD
Blue DiamondXD
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i dont remember learing the key method

Omigosh! Can't believe I missed that. Thank you SO MUCH for your speedy response, Steven!