C# Querying With LINQ Query Operators Aggregates

Daniel Hildreth
Daniel Hildreth
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Console not letting me type a GroupBy query into it

When I try following along in the video, the console does not let me type a query in. The cursor just stays there and blinks at me. After I get to the "g" I try typing after it, but it does not let me go pas the "." in { Color = g.). I hit escape, enter, and even the semi-colon, but nothing happens. I finally have to hit CTRL+Z to give me the csharp REPL quit, and then I can go back into csharp REPL by typing "csharp". The code is below. Has anyone else had issues lately with the console and compiler?

Enter statements below.                                                                                                                                         
csharp> LoadAssembly("BirdWatcher.dll");                                                                                                                        
csharp> using BirdWatcher;                                                                                                                                      
csharp> var birds = BirdRepository.LoadBirds();                                                                                                                 
csharp> birds.GroupBy(b => b.Color).Select(g => new { Color = g.                                                                                                

I can confirm this; having exactly the same problem here.

Alec Meyer
Alec Meyer
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This is most definitely an issue. I get stuck at the same place.