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.container wrapper

I notice the container wrapper is put on the content as well as on the main content and in the css it is set at 70% width. Why is it that the heading is taking up 100% of the width and not the 70% since it is wrapped in the container wrapper as well.

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The header element is taking 100% width, hence you see the light blue background expands all across the page. But <header> contains the wrapper div in its interior, and that's whats being limited to 70% width.

The blue background (header) takes 100% width, the <h1> and <ul>, which in turn are inside the container div, take 70% width.

Robert Gouveia
Robert Gouveia
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Without looking at the css commands I can only assume that its because of the css values for instance the css might look like this:

.header .container{

Which means it over rides the container values and sets it to 100% just for the header.