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continents list

Here is my code: continents = [ 'Asia', 'South America', 'North America', 'Africa', 'Europe', 'Antarctica', 'Australia', ]

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for continent in continents: print("*{}".format(continent))

I keep receiving error

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 49, in test_output AssertionError: '* Asia' not found in '*Asia\n*South America\n*North America\n*Africa\n*Europe\n*Antarctica\n*Australia' : Hmm...not finding the correct items in your output

I have no idea what is wrong it prints out the list with the "*" like it should when I run it in workspaces it run with no error

1 Answer

Hey Your solution is correct however the workspaces has some test that prevent it to pass. use simple conectination instead of the .format method