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Marwa Almoqbali
Marwa Almoqbali
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convert string to integer

when i finished the video of converting string to integer i go to the quiz but i can not get the correct answer so they asked me to convert the string into interger and store it in variable height? string heightInput = "168"; int.Parse("heightInput"); int height = int.Parse("heightInput"); is the program correct?

string heightInput = "168";
int.Parse("heightInput  ");
int height = int.Parse("heightInput ");

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Daniel Breen
Daniel Breen
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Hi Marwa,

Close! Two things:

The second and 3rd line are redundant. They both do the same thing, but you're not storing the result from line two anywhere. Remove line 2.

You need to pass in the variable heighInput, not the string "heightInput ". Just remove the quote marks and the extra space that you have before the last quote mark.