C# C# Basics (Retired) Perform Converting Strings to Integers

Convert the string in heightInput to an integer using int.Parse. Store the result in a variable named height.

Why is my code failing?

string heightInput = "168";
int height = int.parse(heightInput + entry);

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I see two issues:

  • instead of "int.Parse" (capital "P"), you have "int.parse" (lower-case "p")
  • there is nothing defined by the name of "entry" and that was also not part of the instructions

Haha, so dumb (of me). I see that now. I know the + entry is not supposed to be listed. Below is the correct code. Thank you Steven for responding to me question.

string heightInput = "168"; int height = int.parse(heightInput);

int height = int.Parse(heightInput);

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
186,662 Points

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