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Alexander Kallaway (Emelianov)
Alexander Kallaway (Emelianov)
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Could not find minitest-5.6.1 - when running: bin/rails server

Hi Everyone,

I'm installing Rails on my Mac (in the Terminal), and I've experienced many problems but was able to solve all of them but this one using Forum.

It happens when I do the last step: input the command: bin/rails server

(Also, I cd'd into the folder in which I've installed testapp)

It says to fix it I need to run: bundle install. I've done it (I've also tried doing: sudo bundle install)

Could you please help me out?

Thank you so much!


You should copy and paste the console output when you run 'rails server' and 'bundle install'.

As for running 'bundle install' with sudo, it is generally not recommended and should not be required.