iOS Functions in Swift Adding Power to Functions Returning Complex Values

Arun Kampadathil
Arun Kampadathil
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could someone please help me with this code?

some thing wrong with the switch command, I could figure out, what it is?

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func coordinates (for location: String) -> (Double, Double)
let EiffelTower:(Double, Double) = (48.8582, 2.2945)
let GreatPyramid:(Double, Double) = (29.9792, 31.1344)
let SydneyOperaHouse:(Double, Double) = (33.8586, 151.2140)

switch location {
case Eiffel Tower: return EiffelTower
case Great Pyramid: return GreatPyramid
case Sydney Opera House: return SydneyOperaHouse
defalut: return (0,0)


2 Answers

im not even studying ios but i think you have typo in last line of code in the word "defalut"

There are two things you need to correct. The cases need to be strings as defined. Also default is not spelled correctly. I listed the fix below. This should work correctly.

switch location {
case "Eiffel Tower": return EiffelTower
case "Great Pyramid": return GreatPyramid
case "Sydney Opera House": return SydneyOperaHouse
default: return (0,0)