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Bea Santos
Bea Santos
iOS Development with Swift Techdegree Student 427 Points

Could someone please just reword this? I think I have a grasp on these concepts but the wording is confusing for me.


// Enter your code below
var results: [Int] = [6]
for multiplier in 1...10 {
  (1 * 6)

results.append ()

1 Answer

Michael Hulet
Michael Hulet
Treehouse Moderator 47,600 Points

It looks like you passed the first part (great job!), so I'm just gonna reword the second. It's basically asking you to multiply multiplier by 6 and append the product to the results array. When your done, results will contain the numbers 6 through 60, counting by 6. You have all the components you need to pass this challenge in your code already, but you just need to put them in the right place 😉 Also, you'll need to start with results as an empty array again (you've put 6 in it to start). You're pretty close, and I'm sure you'll get it!