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Jenna Stover
Jenna Stover
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Coundn't locate my JavaScript console on Safari. I used the following short cut: cmd + option + c and nothing came up.

I was attempting to locate the console through the launch workspace.

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Glenré Charl Labuschagné
Glenré Charl Labuschagné
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Hi Jenna,

Safari requires you to choose to Show Develop menu in menu bar.

You do this by going:

  1. Safari > Preference…
  2. Choose Advanced (Gear Icon tab)
  3. Tick the check box at the bottom [ Show Develop menu in menu bar ]

Close your Preferences and you will see a new Develop (between Bookmarks and Window)menu in your toolbar

You will now see Show JavaScript Console in the drop down menu (which also enables the short cut keys to work).

If you get stuck, here is a OSX Daily article on how to Enable the Development Menu

Hope this helps, and good luck!