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Eugen Paris
Eugen Paris
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create a function called square
import math

def square(number):
    return number square

Hi! in this challange u being asked to create a function named square that take a paramater, and return the square of the parameter u do it by multiply the parameter by it self. gl

Jamison Habermann
Jamison Habermann
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The challenge is asking you to create the function yourself, not use the math import.

You must create a function that creates a square of whatever number is passed in as an argument. A square of a number is the number multiplied by itself. Hope this helps.

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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You are on the right path. There are a few simple ways to "square a number" in Python

# Let's set number to 5 
# to represent the argument passed to the function
>>> number = 5
>>> number * number  # A number times itself
>>> number ** 2  # A number raised to the power 2

Post back if you need more help. Good luck!