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create-react-app server runs on node?

so far we have worked on express/node based apps. what kind of server a npx create-react-app runs?

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Eric McKibbin
Eric McKibbin
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I'm no expert, but my understading is that In development mode, while building the react app on your local machine, create-react-app uses node for a few things.

The finished react app you create from the bootstrap provided by create-react-app though can run with any server, it doesn't need node.

From the create-react-app docs:

Create React App is agnostic of the backend, and just produces static HTML/JS/CSS bundles.

Zack Jackson
Zack Jackson
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For development purposes, I believe React utilizes webpack to serve to the local host. Once your app is production ready, you can use whatever backend you want to use to connect to the React front-end. Remember from the first course that React is a front-end library that handles the client-side UI. Just like if you were to build a simle static site, the HTML/CSS front end doesn't really care which language you use to connect to it on the backend.