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creating a for loop

Create a for loop that logs the numbers 4 to 156 to the console. To log a value to the console use the console.log( ) method.

for (var counter = 1; console.log(counter); counter += 1;) 

} (counter < 10);

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Richard Verbraak
Richard Verbraak
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for (let i = 4; i <= 156; i++) {

To print numbers from 4 to 156 we first start the counter at 4. I named my variable i but it could be everything you want.

Then to print to 156, we let it loop until i is less or equal than 156. Then we console.log the variable and voila.

Start your counter at 4. Ex: i = 4

Then make it less than or equal to 156 so that way it'll loop 152 times but not greater than 156.

Ex: i <= 156

Next you want print it to the console with the console.log() method.