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creating a for loop

Create a for loop that logs the numbers 4 to 156 to the console. To log a value to the console use the console.log( ) method.

for (var counter = 1; console.log(counter); counter += 1;) 

} (counter < 10);

2 Answers

Richard Verbraak
Richard Verbraak
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for (let i = 4; i <= 156; i++) {

To print numbers from 4 to 156 we first start the counter at 4. I named my variable i but it could be everything you want.

Then to print to 156, we let it loop until i is less or equal than 156. Then we console.log the variable and voila.

Darrin Spell Jr
Darrin Spell Jr
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Student 10,303 Points

Start your counter at 4. Ex: i = 4

Then make it less than or equal to 156 so that way it'll loop 152 times but not greater than 156.

Ex: i <= 156

Next you want print it to the console with the console.log() method.