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Payton Grant
Payton Grant
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Creating a Submit button

I'm having trouble placing the submit button tag. I keep getting an error telling me to place it within the form. What step am I missing?

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>HTML Forms</title>

    <form action="index.html" method="post">
      <h1>Shirt Order Form</h1>

      <label for="color">Shirt Color</label>
      <select id="color" name="shirt_color">
        <option value="red">Red</option>
        <option value="yellow">Yellow</option>
        <option value="blue">Blue</option>
        <option value="green">Green</option>
        <option value="orange">Orange</option>
         <button type="submit>Place Order</button>


3 Answers

Payton Grant
Payton Grant
447 Points

Added the end quote and I'm still having the same issue.

Udayakumar T
Udayakumar T
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your select tag needs to be closed before the final option tag.