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Creating an app


I’m a Front Web Developer who’s trying to build a really huge app using PhoneGap (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and to Create a “database” using MySQL by using PHP with PhoneGap as a server side scripting language and connect it to PhoneGap using Ajax call on JS file. But I’m just not sure how to create a database and connect it so user can create account add, remove and update information on the account. My questions are:-

  1. What Database do I need to use ??
  2. Can I use MongoDB ??
  3. How I suppose to learn Database and be really good at it ?? where do I start ?? recommend any book ?? or video tutorials ?? (would be better)
  4. Should I just create HTML, CSS and JS and hire a Programmer to create and connect the database for me ?? But I really want to learn it.

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Ken Alger
Ken Alger
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Great questions.

1) You can use a variety of databases. 2) MongoDB is an amazing choice. :-) 3) If memory serves, Treehouse has removed its MongoDB courses. However, MongoDB University is free and provides many excellent courses on how to get started and program with MongoDB as the data layer. 4) That's really up to you and your budget for your project. I don't think learning how to use MongoDB is complicated and it is a great skill to have.

Post back if you have any questions.