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CSS Test is not working in checking work correctly

Create a rule that targets .main-header. This time, we'll give .main-header a box shadow. Set the box shadow's horizontal offset to 0, the vertical offset to 2px, the blur radius to 15px, and the color to #aaa.

.main-header { box-shadow: 0 2px 15px #aaa; }

What did I do wrong? It keeps telling me to set the vertical to zero. Also

Let's give .main-header an inner-shadow with a second set of box-shadow values. Set the new shadow's horizontal and vertical offsets to 0, the blur radius to 60px, the spread radius to 5px, and the color to firebrick. Don't forget to include the keyword value that creates an inner box shadow.

.main-header { box-shadow: 0 2px 15px #aaa, 0 0 60px 5px firebrick inset; }

the first set of values were from previous question. I tried moving the order around, even eliminating the first set. Nothing worked. The test kept failing and telling m to include the value to set the shadow to inner. I even tried using the word inner. I reviewed the video again and again and even went searching online.

What am I doing wrong?

6 Answers

I have been here 3 days. I thought you were staff. I gave a compliment. Later I had issue with support so I noted my issue here. I do not see any other place to post it.

Subscription fee is not a pivot point. My time is more valuable. If I can't trust a platform to accurately check my work, how do I know if I am learning? How much time do I invest troubleshooting? I assume this post is visible to staff and all. I am a user like any other and we all will have different reactions.

While I am grateful for your help you are not obligated to respond to everything I post. I have just now ran into the same problem 4x one of which claims communication failure. Clearly an issue exists. Maybe it's my ISP, maybe it's TreeHouse, I do not know, I came here to learn.

David Clausen
David Clausen
11,403 Points



Your not doing anything wrong, the checker can be weird, refresh and retype in these values. I have rarely ran into the problem myself but it seems to happen once in a blue moon. They want inset first, but by specs your inner-shadow is correct. So is your first one. Goodluck

I have tried inset first. I'll refresh and start again. It's frustrating when you count on a resource to guide you and it derails you instead.

David Clausen
David Clausen
11,403 Points

Its a difficult thing to test, remember they are checking thing not different then when you start writing back-end. They have to parse your code and match it up, if its slightly off in some quiz it doesn't parse in the other ways it can be written or expected. It simply human error in the permutation that can be written or anticipated. So I understand your frustration and hopefully together as a community we can get through these hiccups.

This platform is great. I wish it existed when I first began my studies. Schools are too expensive and simply not practical for our economic conditions. I am more than willing to persevere through these hiccups and am grateful for the collaborated efforts to make this a success. However, if I was a local university or private institution offering these courses, I might be upset about the successful launch of your program.

David Clausen
David Clausen
11,403 Points

"the successful launch of your program."

Mine? It's not mine in anyway, am just a student to. And yes if I was paying college/university leve, i'd expect someone to look over my work and not something to parse it.

Well that did not solve the problem Still failing my test as it did in my original post.

David Clausen
David Clausen
11,403 Points

Those picture I took I did the test two times with success both times, please try again and please mimic exactly in those pictures.

I did that exactly many times. I even tried different combinations when it kept failing, that's why I moved the inset in the post - anyways, I tried it again just now and it worked. Clearly it must be an error in the system. I have been using text and box shadow in web design for a while now.

I am disappointed in the support from the Tree House team because they have a technical questions section on the right side that clearly states if you are experiencing what appears to be a bug or something to contact them directly. They dismissed me by redirecting me to repost this in the forum.

Unfortunately, this is potentially an early sign of weakness in their business model in respect to retention. Few more such incidences and I will consider support irrelevant.

Thanks David for responding.

David Clausen
David Clausen
11,403 Points

No problem. Yah like i said the parser unfortunately can't be perfect. I have only ran into it a few times. The strength to me of Treehouse is the courses not the tracks. If tracks get anymore frustrating especially if you happen to encounter more errors consider doing the courses outside the track. You can do every track and even skip some through their library button. https://teamtreehouse.com/library . I do find your criticism to put down the business so quickly very counter-productive to out conversation. I am a subscriber to this service is as you. I am trying to help you with your issue, but continuing to derail the conversation with:

"Unfortunately, this is potentially an early sign of weakness in their business model in respect to retention. Few more such incidences and I will consider support irrelevant." and
"However, if I was a local university or private institution offering these courses, I might be upset about the successful launch of your program."

I personally as someone who wants to learn and help don't want to have to hear about you wanting to quit and question the worth of a $25 service of education over a small speed bump, its understandable to be frustrated but its irrelevant to your post and your helper, such should be posted as a seperate general question for discussion, a review of Google or submit it to Treehouse. Also you will run into these kinda of bugs constantly in web design and if you ever do back-end. CSS is riddled with odd rules and inconsistent behavior for specific purposes that people have invented hacks to work around them, if this small bumps makes you question this service then I am afraid many more bumps are on the way in web development as a whole. I assume you already knows this. Hopefully I can continue to help, and i hope when I encounter a problem you may help guide me. Thanks

William Nsambu
William Nsambu
3,502 Points

I know this post is old but I'm going to help anyway in case someone else faces the same problem in the future since I think this is one of the best learning platform.

This issue happens more to people who are using a computer that is connected to a LAN (at school or work), I had the same problem when I consulted the teamtreehouse tech support, and that was what they have told me which was true cause I was using my computer at work. So to confirm that, I went home and tried it on my personal computer without being connected to any LAN (Local Area Net) and it worked. I don't know if this is a problem with the way teamtreehouse set up their platform but if it is! they need to fix it because most of the people who are learning on here have more time to practice or learn when they are at places like work or school.

I hope I helped someone