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Currently working on my own web design practice site... Critique?

So, yeah. I have been working on the website for Design Equestria for the past week and I was wondering what people in here think... (yes, it is in progress).

3 Answers

Hi Jessica,

Your 'about' page seems like a secondary home page (especially since it says "welcome"). Also the font seems to be different on the about page. I think you'd want to have consistent weights, sizes, line-heights, etc. across the site.

I personally find the fonts a little hard to read because of their family, size, characters per line (cpl) & line heights. I recently read an article about how there is an "perceived ideal" cpl/font-size/line-height combination that instantly made my typography settings way more readable. Unfortunately I can't recall the article or find the link. The next best thing I can find is this golden ratio tool. http://www.pearsonified.com/typography/

I opened up the source of your site and see you are using WordPress. I personally haven't touched it much over the years but I would assume there is much of the templates you could adjust to create a faster website. Eg. Compress your scripts & css, combine files to have less http requests, defer your javascripts, etc. The speed of your site is important for mobile users and Google has been accounting more of that in their rankings. Tons of the information I've learnt about speeding up websites has come from this site http://www.feedthebot.com/. He's got great free tools & info.

Good luck with your site.

Hi Jeremy. I'm wondering, what issues were you having with the typography on my site... could you please be more specific? Also, thanks for the feedback... it's really appreciated and I have a few changes to implement. :)

It could just be my personal preference in the font choices & styling. You have darker blue grid lines in the background and the font is a dark blue. Visually they seem to interfere to me.

Most people won't read all your content, they will skim for what sticks out to them. Personally I like the style of obvious headers grouping sections and simple single column content with nice white spacing for simple reading (my eyes get pretty weary from being on a computer all day). Medium has a nice consistent font style set up that is very easy for me to read. take a look. I was trying to describe what their typography does. It's a preference though and not a set rule. Over the past couple years I've found that our clients at work have been choosing the designs with a slightly larger/easy to read fonts similar to theirs.

Are you referring to the chalk drawing background image on the homepage or something else?

Hmm, you do have a very good point. Plus, it does answer some pretty big questions about how to implement this site-wide... Yeah, I'm working on the things on the Feed the Bot site and looking into a few changes for the site. Thank you so much for your feedback... it really is appreciated.

Hey there, here are some things i notice when i visit the site :

  • The menu is not centered in the red bar, and the red bar has some bottom padding ( You could just add that padding to the height of the bar and give the <nav> elements a line height of 86px.

  • The "See what i can do for you" button could use some more call to action more than blending in with the blue.

  • I dont know why but i dont like the old mathematics background ( But thats just me )

  • Also the content of the " The Latest Post from the Design Equestria Blog " brings the site out of balance, you have a real estate of a full width page and the content you are trying to focus on is on the left side of the page.. Use your space !

  • The cell phone icon in the footer should be blue just as the facebook, twitter and github icon.

  • Maybe the font-size of your copyright text is a bit to big, it takes away attention.

  • The smiley of wpstats is annoying, it gives a weird effect.

Good luck with this project ! Good job anyway !

  • Yorick

Thanks, your comments are right. Well, except for the "The Latest Post" thing, and here's why. I've set it so it shows the two latest posts from the blog, side by side. Only problem is that I only have one post in there right now. So, it'll look like that until I add another post.

As for the smiley from WP stats... I didn't notice that...

Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan
5,568 Points

I would alter your description and make it sound more confident I suggest: -

I am a full-stack web developer with more than 15 years industry experience. I offer a personal experience working closely with you from design through to deployment to ensure the end product results in your expectations being met and a website you will love!

Instead of: - Having been creating websites since 1998, I understand websites very well. Being a full-stack web developer in training, I can plan, design, script and deploy full websites.

The footer doesn't sit flush to the bottom of the page on the /process/ page. I would fix that.

I would if I were you focus on building your portfolio a little if you want paid customers they will likely want to see evidence of your work and can afford to be picky as there are so many options out there.

One last thing I would drop the Vanilla Ice lyrics from your about page. Music is a very personal taste and you want to be marketable to as wider audience as possible.

Yes, I do need a better intro text. I think I'll adapt what you've written and see how that works...

Yeah, I remember there was a video on here about how to make the footer stay at the bottom but I'm afraid I don't remember how. -_-

I am currently working on doing a bit of charity work so that I can get a few additional portfolio pieces. I've e-mailed some non-profits in the region, offering my services.

And as for the Vanilla Ice lyrics... honestly, I was using that as boilerplate text. I'll get that taken care of today. :/