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Query is supposed to return the titles of the movies and just the month and year they were released. I tried: SELECT title, STRFTIME (%m/%y, "date_released") AS "month_year_released" FROM movies; but it said there was something wrong with my SQL code. I'll admit I was kinda guessing I could use a column name as <time string>. Please help!

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Some hints:

  • The format string will be enclosed in quotes
  • The field used for timestring will not be enclosed in quotes
  • Use capital %Y for 4 digit year
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                      /* str in quotes, year syntax is capital - %Y */
SELECT title, STRFTIME (%m/%y, "date_released") AS "month_year_released" FROM movies
                     /* date_released field seems to forgive quotes, but syntax shouldn't have them */

Nice work, you've almost got it! Happy coding!

Thank you very helpful! Much appreciated!

Thanks so much! Very helpful!