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Kay Pengelly
Kay Pengelly
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Datetime awareness

Hi there,

My code is giving me the following error:

paris has the same date and time as hill_valley. Did you convert timezones?

I'm not sure what this means, or why this is incorrect. Any help would be appreciated!
import datetime

naive = datetime.datetime(2015, 10, 21, 4, 29)
pacific = datetime.timezone(datetime.timedelta(hours=-8))
hill_valley = datetime.datetime(2015, 10, 21, 4, 29, tzinfo = pacific)
utc1 = datetime.timezone(datetime.timedelta(hours=1))
paris = datetime.datetime(2015, 10, 21, 4, 29, tzinfo = utc1)
Ross Nation
Ross Nation
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I realise this comment is a little late now and you've probably completed the task, however for anyone else who stumbles across this I think that this is the issue, though I'm pretty new to this so I might be understanding it wrong.

In this line: paris = datetime.datetime(2015, 10, 21, 4, 29, tzinfo = utc1) you've set paris to the timezone utc+1

then in this line: hill_valley.astimezone(utc1) the astimezone method has used the utc1 timezone to change the datetime value to match what you've set for paris.

In order to get this working using astimezone you want this: paris = hill_valley.astimezone(utc1)

Where you're saying you want paris to take the same date and time as hill_valley and to convert this based on the timezone provided by utc1.

I'm pretty sure your first line of code will provide the same output as this, it's just that the task asks for the use of astimezone.

This is how I understand it anyway, I hope that makes sense?