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Dave's mistake?

In the "for" loop, Dave adds +=1 to the i variable, but doesnt put semi-colon at the end of it, yet it still runs. Shouldn't he put semi-colons?

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Damjan,

While the current convention is to use semicolons, with JavaScript, semicolons are actually not always required. Semicolons are statement separators. In a for loop, yes they would be needed for the first two, because they are on the same line and need to be separated, but the parser will automatically insert a semicolon at the end of the line.

There is quite the debate going on about whether the convention should be pro semicolon or no semicolons. If you want to read up more on this debate, just Google Search "semicolon in JavaScript" for many, many articles and posts.

So, in short, no Dave is not incorrect.

Keep Coding! :) :dizzy:

Marcin Jerwan
Marcin Jerwan
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in the "For Loops" video, at 03:06 mark, top condition is counter<10, and at the bottom example counter<=10 . is this a simple mistake or is it meaningful?