C# C# Objects Loops and Final Touches While Loops

Michael Musch
Michael Musch
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Detecting if tower on path "You already saw an example of this in the MapLocation Class" - NO WE DIDN'T???

This is the thing that's bothering me most about teamtreehouse, the inconsistent chronology of what we're learning, and what the teacher thinks we've learnt.

We didn't see loops in the MapLocation class, so why would he say that we've already seen a solution? When you're teaching someone something, you never give them a challenge that's totally out of their grasp, you always give them something that pushes them, but that they're capable of.

Maybe correct the video to say "We'll learn about a few techniques that could be used for a solution in the coming few videos. I'll leave this validation as a challenge for you to complete when you've learnt of features that you believe could help you solve this problem."