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Gurveer Singh
Gurveer Singh
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did't understand this question plz

Replace the hard coded values in the output with the name and email values from the contacts array.

//edit this array

//$contacts[0] will return 'Alena Holligan' in our simple array of names.
$contactone =
  array('name' => 'Alena Holligan',  
'email' => '');
$conatacttwo =
  array('name' => 'Dave McFarland',
'email' => '');
$conatactthree =
  array('name' => 'Treasure Porth',
'email' => '');
$conatactfour =
  'name' => 'Andrew Chalkley',
'email' => '');

$contacts = array($contactone, $conatacttwo, $conatactthree, $conatactfour);

 echo $contacts[0]['name'];
echo $contacts[0]['email'];
 echo $contacts[1]['name'];
echo $contacts[1]['email'];
     echo $contacts[2]['name'];
echo $contacts[2]['email'];
     echo $contacts[3]['name'];
echo $contacts[3]['email'];

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You have the right idea, but you want to retain the original HTML markup in the output.

So you might use concatenation to replace the literals with the appropriate variable values. For example:

/ ...
echo "<li>" . $contacts[0]['name'] . " : " . $contacts[0]['email'] . "</li>\n";