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Mohamed Abdelaal
Mohamed Abdelaal
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Difference between Href and Src

What's the difference between href="" and src =""

premsai kandagatla
premsai kandagatla
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Href : specifies location of the resource available, so we can navigate to it.

Src : Embed the resource into our content so our content performs better.

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Jonathan Stigsby
Jonathan Stigsby
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Great writeup on it here:


Essentially href fetches an external source, and often needs to be fetched before loading the site, such as the stylesteef, which is why: <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Whereas the src= is loaded in the order it is placed in the HTML, which is why you want to load things like JS scripts at the bottom of your HTML, so the site loads before the scripts, to make the page as fast as possible :-)