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Difference between rootfolder and subfolder? In understanding filepaths, which is the root and subfolder?

in the video understanding filepaths, which is the subfolder and which is the root folder? is it article? aritcle.html, or index.html?

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Dane Parchment
Dane Parchment
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The root folder, is the folder where your project itself lies, sub-folders are directories within that root folder.

So let's say I create a project folder called "My Project"

> My Project/

"My Project" will end up being the root folder, of our project because it is the main folder that hosts all of the other web files.

> My Project/
    --- > scripts/
         --- > index.js
    --- > css/
         --- > main.css
    ---- > index.html

The folders scripts/, and css/ will be sub-folders (or sub-directories) that contain files relating to the project, but not the entire project itself.

I hope that clarifies things, if not feel free to ask.