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Different browsers and different effects and different css pages.

Do we need normalize because although my own stylesheet takes precedence over the agent default stylesheet many browsers still react differently so we kinda throw a normalize.css file up to program against or with so that our web pages look the same over all browsers?

How can i successfully integrate my own stylesheet with normalize? Is the html now taking css from both pages?

Hope my questions make sense i'm trying to centre my focus on this for the next two days.

Its a break from the javaScript which was painfully awesome lol - I wish to thank everyone who helped me not to pull my hair out.

I love css this is great.

Thanks for any responses..

Clinton Hays
Clinton Hays
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Hey! I added a reply to your other question on one of the previous videos, but it looks like you've got it all figured out! :) I think you have a good idea here. Maybe think of normalize.css as a "replacement" for the different user agent stylesheets generated by all the different browsers...it's basically levelling the playing field for us so we don't have to adjust code browser by browser. And yes, the browser will render the css from both stylesheets as long as you have them linked in your html document. It is important to remember that you should link the normalize stylesheet above your own authored stylesheet. Since CSS cascades, the browser will render "from top to bottom." If normalize is below your stylesheet, the browser will resolve any conflicting rules by applying the normalize stylesheet.

I hope that all makes sense!

By the way, I love CSS, too. I have changed my own learning track from back end to front end simply because I find CSS so interesting.