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Lucas Keiti
Lucas Keiti
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Difficulty to solve the challenge

I tried this script:

echo date(string $format[F, d, o]):string;

but it doesn't work.

What I got wrong? Thanks!

echo 'Today is ';
//Place your code below this comment

echo date(string $format[F, d, o]):string


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The date function from the documentation linked in the challenge:

date ( string $format [, int $timestamp = time() ] ) : string

Here string $format identifies a parameter, it's position and data type. It is not meant to be typed out when using the function. $timestamp is an optional parameter, as indicated by the brackets, and not used in this challenge. :string is the return type.

To use the function you specify date() with format characters enclosed in quotes as shown in examples on the page.

For example with the characters you have chosen above:

echo date('F d, o')

would display April 26, 2019. The challenge will want something else though but should be easy enough to get from here.