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Difficulty with multiplying in python

Hello, I am having some difficulty figuring out what formula would be correct for multiplying in python. If I am not wrong, I believed the formula was simply what was used in the last video.... @app.route('/add/<int:num1>/<int:num2>') @app.route('/add/<float:num1>/<float:num2>') @app.route('/add/<int:num1>/<float:num2>') @app.route('/add/<float:num1>/<int:num2>') def add(num1, num2): return '{} + {} = {}' .format(num1, num2, num1+num2)

But replacing "add" and "+" with "multiply" and "*", and replacing "num1" and "num2" with "5". I attempted this and received an error= Syntax message, and would like to know what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance!