CSS CSS Basics Enhancing the Design With CSS Gradients

Micheal Jones
Micheal Jones
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direction values.

I don't understand what i'm doing wrong here.

/* Complete the challenge by writing CSS below */
background-image: linear-gradient (steelblue, darkslateblue 90%, to bottom, to top);
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Lake Tahoe</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="page.css">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
    <header id="top" class="main-header">
      <span class="title">Journey Through the Sierra Nevada Mountains</span>
      <h1 class="main-heading">Lake Tahoe, California</h1>

        <div class="primary-content">
            <p class="intro">
                Lake Tahoe is one of the most breathtaking attractions located in California. It's home to a number of ski resorts, summer outdoor recreation, and tourist attractions. Snow and skiing are a significant part of the area's reputation.
            <a class="callout" href="#more">Find out more</a>
        </div><!-- End .primary-content -->

1 Answer

Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Teacher

Hi there, Micheal Jones ! I received your request for assistance. You're doing fine. But here you have both to top and to bottom. It can only go one direction* :smiley: This one should use to top because it's going from the bottom to the top. However, the direction must be written in the parentheses first.

So in the parentheses, we're looking for:

(to top, steelblue, darkslateblue 90%)

Hope this helps! :sparkles: