PHP Build a Basic PHP Website Listing and Sorting Inventory Items Displaying All Items

Okafor Matthew
Okafor Matthew
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displaying all items

Please help, am currently doing the php tutorial and on the stage of building basic web site then i ran into some error which get me stucked. here is the code


include ("include/data.php");

$pageTitle = "Full Catalog";
$section = null;

$pageTitle = "Books";
  $section = "books";
}else if($_GET['cat']=="movies"){
$pageTitle = "Movies";
  $section = "movies";
}else if($_GET['cat']=="music"){
 $pageTitle = "Music";
   $section = "music";

<div class="section catalog page">

  <div class="wrapper">
  <h1><?php echo $pageTitle;?></h1>
    <ul class="items">
      <?php foreach($catalog as $item){
          echo "<li><a href='#'><img src='" 
            . $item["img"] ."' alt='" 
            . $item["title"] . "' />" 
            . "<p>View Details</p>"
            . "</a></li>";
<?php include("include/footer.php");?>

i preview the it on the browser but an error message of illegal string offset ['img'] and ['title'] was displayed. can someone tell me where i have gone wrong please

It would be easier to sift through your code if it was formatted properly within the post. It would be even better if you had this in Workspaces and forked it to share here :)