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Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Displaying to browser

When I choose the "display in browser" option in upper right of workspace, someone else's resume shows up

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Ryan,

I'm not sure I'm understanding your issue completely. The Workspace that is launched from the video you're linking from comes pre-populated with HTML code which creates a mock résumé. So, when you click the 'view in browser', what you're seeing is what you should be seeing, unless you've made changes.

Did you make changes to all the HTML to create your own resume? If so... did you save the changes in the Workspace before previewing the page? If yes, you may need to close the window the preview opened in and then relaunch the preview. Occasionally, you may also need to clear the cache as it is possible the browser is loading a cached version. Whenever working in Workspaces, it is a good habit to get into to close the preview window and always open a new one with the saved changes.

If none of this helps, please add more detailed comments here so we may better be able to assist. :)