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Joshua Thao
Joshua Thao
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Do I need 2 for loops here? How am I suppose to find out how many names are in each list?

I know I am suppose to use a if loop here something like if [i] == 3: print(", ".join(names)) ??? Any hints?
musical_groups = [
    ["Ad Rock", "MCA", "Mike D."],
    ["John Lennon", "Paul McCartney", "Ringo Starr", "George Harrison"],
    ["Salt", "Peppa", "Spinderella"],
    ["Rivers Cuomo", "Patrick Wilson", "Brian Bell", "Scott Shriner"],
    ["Chuck D.", "Flavor Flav", "Professor Griff", "Khari Winn", "DJ Lord"],
    ["Axl Rose", "Slash", "Duff McKagan", "Steven Adler"],
    ["Run", "DMC", "Jam Master Jay"],

for name in musical_groups:
    if musical_groups is 3:
        print(", ".join(name))

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You don't need another loop, but here's a few hints:

  • you don't want the identity operator here ("is"), use equality instead ("==")
  • the "len" function will give you the size of a list
  • be sure to test the "name" list instead of the whole "musical_groups" list