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Alejandro Pinero
Alejandro Pinero
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do i need a mac for this because i dont know how to install swift on a windows PC

i dont have a mac

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suliman alkous
suliman alkous
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if you want to learn swift only without ios you can install swift on Linux not windows but if you want ios for sure you need mac

If you wanted to learn basic Swift, without actual iOS development, I would recommend IBM's Swift Sandbox or's Swift Compiler. These will allow for command line Swift, but for app development, you can do what Gavin Hobbs recommended, running a VM. But overall, I would recommend a Mac for development. In my experience, most development tools are available on Mac, where on Windows, you're a little limited. Macs are usually a developer's choice, although Windows is more powerful for Windows applications (.NET) (Can be done on Mac as well using Visual Studios for Mac, but cannot run as fluidly.)

There is a workaround now... but if you're not confident to install this it is truly best to have a Mac.

Gavin Hobbs
Gavin Hobbs
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Hey Alejandro Pinero if you're looking into doing app development with swift you're going to need Xcode and Xcode can only be installed on a device running Mac OS which pretty much limits your options to Macs.

I have bought and installed Windows 10 on my Mac on a separate partition making it so I could either boot up into Windows or Mac OS... but I'm not sure you can do the reverse with a PC.

If you don't want to buy a Mac, which is what I would suggest if you want to get into the Apple app market, I would suggest looking into doing what I mentioned above or looking into a virtual machine.

Hope this helps!

  • Gavin