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Do I need to use switch?

So with the question: Declare a function named coordinates that takes a single parameter of type String, with an external name for, a local name of location, and returns a tuple containing two Double values (Note: You do not have to name the return values). For example, if I use your function and pass in the string "Eiffel Tower" as an argument, I should get (48.8582, 2.2945) as the value. If a string is passed in that doesn’t match the set above, return (0,0)

I believe I created the tuple. but do I need to create a switch function and cases? Not sure how else to have it be (0,0)

// Enter your code below
func coordinates(for location: String) -> (lat: Double, Ion: Double) {
  switch location {
    case "Eiffel Tower" - lat: 48.8582, lon: 2.2945
    case "Great Pyramid" - lat: 29.9792, lon: 31.1344
    case "Sydney Opera House" - lat: 33.8587, lon: 151.2140
    default: location = 0
return(lat, Ion)

coordinates(for: "Eiffel Tower")

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Jeff McDivitt
Jeff McDivitt
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Hi Chris -

  1. You do not need the lat and lon in your return
  2. You are missing your returns for you switch statement
  3. You are missing your default return of (0,0)
func coordinates(for location: String) -> (Double,Double) {

    switch location {
    case "Eiffel Tower":
        return (48.8582,2.2945)
    case "Great Pyramid":
        return (29.9792,31.1344)
    case "Sydney Opera House":
        return (33.8587,151.2140)
        return (0,0)