C# C# Basics (Retired) Prepare and Plan Program Structure

Pratham Patel
Pratham Patel
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Do i write down notes about stuff he talks about in the video or do you guys have a special place for notes

Where do i write my notes about the stuff he talks about in the video

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Hey Fellow Treehousers!

When I watch Treehouse tutorials, I use a note taking template similar to the "Cornell Note Taker" system. Here is a link to a sample PDF: http://freeology.com/wp-content/files/cornellnotetaker.pdf The challenge I'm constantly faced with is stopping myself from writing down everything I hear. I remind myself to identify the key points/main ideas of the particular training module and use bullet lists to write down details/answers. I'm not perfect at using this system, but in time I will get better. Feel free to try it for yourself.

Jay Padzensky
Jay Padzensky
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Hi Rakesh!

Personally, when I watch Treehouse tutorials, I follow along in Workspaces and take separate notes in Evernote (clean, easy to organize for me). Hope this helps!