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Do While loop help


Please could someone help me with the task:

"Now continually prompt the user in a do while loop. The loop should continue running as long as the response is No. Don't forget to declare response outside of the do while loop."

I'm very confused as to what I've done wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my code:
// I have initialized a for you. It is in a variable named console.
String response;
    do {
       response = console.readLine("Do you understand do while loops?  ");
        if (response.equalsIgnoreCase("No")) 
            console.printf("Please try again.\n");               
         } while (response);

1 Answer

Instead of an if statement and printing a line, the if you have provides a condition that can be used for the loop. Try that in your while statement and eliminate the if.

Thanks! That worked :)