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General Discussion

Patrick Cooney
Patrick Cooney
12,216 Points

Does Anyone Else Feel Like They're Allergic to Certain Types Of Code?

Whenever I think about redoing my portfolio site I just end up procrastinating endlessly (like posting on Treehouse ;-)). I'm still working on iOS apps and stuff, even learning new languages, not to mention the backend stuff is still interesting to me. I don't know why HTML and CSS is my hangup. So, first of all, am I the only one who experiences this? And two, if not, what do you do to get past it?

4 Answers

I am having the same problem - branding myself has been the biggest challenge. I can code html/css ok but I jumped into wordpress and just made some decisions http://www.strobotronics.com/wp/portfolio. You can skip to the last paragraph - I'm mostly venting here....

SO far so good, very basic - will end up with a grid of images thanks to the free portfolio press theme (I did a tutorial for making a theme from scratch but I'm not 100% on the way pages get separated out) I mean, the idea of putting all your functions in a "functions.php" file is great, but how do I troubleshoot when my jquery tabs don't work? Frustrating. I can do it in regular html.

I want to be focusing on javascript, animating with greensock,

I finally "got" Flash - after years of being hung up on basic stuff - and the fact that the language has gone through so many changes. The way I describe it to myself is that all the objects get invited to the party - they all need name tags (on the stage) and they can't just be on the guest list ( in the library). Fine - but also, if they aren't there at the start of the party, then they STILL AREN'T RECOGNIZED. That last fact drove me nuts. I solved it by placing the symbols ( "movie clip" objects) on the stage on frame 1 in the timeline (itself an object). EVERYTHING IS NESTED too, so "scope" is an issue as with all object oriented languages....or so I hear. Yeah I love it, but c'mon, I got into it to make stuff move and be "interactive", not to write my own language.

HTML/CSS is the same way - you have to know the logic of "block level" vs "inline" layout - and how floats work (left right and "clear"). you have to know that padding adn margins change the "block level" element dimensions. It would be cool to make a FAQ of these general concepts - it makes the granular stuff like how to style links just another thing to look up (pseudo classes). JUST DO THE BASIC TUTORIALS EVEN IF ITS FOR ONE MINUTE A DAY.

I get "past it" - by being paid, taking on projects that require it (recently coded an email using skills I started learning in 1998 and treehouse's tutorial), and by endlessly ramming my head into the wall (not literally). I am stubborn. I also am taking a long time to figure it out. I will get there but I'm more of a visual guy, love looking at clouds - I guess I'm a space cadet. But I'm great at organizing shapes and patterns....should I be learning Adobe's proprietary Indesign better? Maybe.

Short answer - hire someone to kick your ass ;)

Hits home like a MF for me. I HATE front-end design. I can't stand it. I have no idea why, but I just don't like it, even though it's obviously an immensely important part of any web development. I think it's the electrical engineer in me. I like working on the back-end part of a project. I like making the wheels turn, but don't come to me asking me to design the wheels or the environment they're in.

Patrick Cooney
Patrick Cooney
12,216 Points

Ha, that's funny. There were like 3 EEs in an iOS class I was taking who all HATED doing any sort of design.

So, your post caused me to think more about why I don't like HTML and CSS and I think I figured it out. It's not because I don't like design, I actually do. It's because I don't like putting in all that time on something that is going to sit there and do nothing. The only function my portfolio website is going to serve is being something pretty to look at. What's the fun in that? Arguably, you didn't really solve a problem with front end development. You created the interface for someone else (the backend engineers) to solve a problem. It's not as cool as having an app on your phone that you can say you made which also solves a problem you've been having. There's something about that feeling that you just don't get with front end development.

I like to see stuff move - but animating requires coding and I don't mind coding if it means stuff will move.