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iOS Swift 2.0 Basics Swift Types Recap: Swift Types

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

In xcode, it looks like I am getting exactly what they are asking for.

// Enter your code below
let firstValue = 2
let secondValue = 4
let product = firstValue * secondValue
let output = "\("The product of") \(firstValue) \("times") \(secondValue) \("is") \(product)"
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I'm not sure I'm getting your question. If you want to assign the product value to your output variable. Then it is definitely an integer type. your problem is that you have put output as string.

Can you remove the double quotes. or: let output = product that's it.

3 Answers

Brendan Whiting
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Brendan Whiting
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They only want you to use string interpolation on the variables. You're also using string interpolation for other strings of text. Xcode is letting you do this, but it's kind of an overcomplicated way of doing the task and that's probably why the challenge isn't accepting it.

Think of it more like there's one long string of text, and then you're interpolating variables into that. So it's all inside one set of quotation marks.

let output = "The product of \(firstValue) times \(secondValue) is \(product)"

Oh! Thank you man. That is a lot simpler than the way I was doing it!

Phil Jones
Phil Jones
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Perfect :) thanks man

// Enter your code below let firstValue = 2 ; let secondValue = 3 let product = firstValue*secondValue let output = "The product of (firstValue) times (secondValue) is (product)."

Here is the problem I am asked.

Given these two values we just declared, we want to compute the product and print out the product in a formatted string.

Step 1: Declare a constant named product and assign the result of multiplying firstValue and secondValue together. (To multiply two values, a and b, we write a * b).

Step 2: Using string interpolation, create a string literal that describes the operation we just performed. For example, given the following values for firstValue, secondValue and product respectively: 2, 4, 8. The string should read: "The product of 2 times 4 is 8". Assign this string to a constant named output.