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Ryan Schmelter
Ryan Schmelter
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Does "event" in have any semantic value?

I'm confused by - is event something that can be changed to, for example without affecting the code, or is "event" itself somehow meaningful?

1 Answer

Generally the use of the parameter with a name of event signifies the event object being passed into the method that has properties that help describe which event took place and what it has or will affect. Semantically it is used throughout most of the JavaScript world, so when you deal with code from others, you should expect to see it for any event related method. However, it is just a parameter name and can be replaced with any acceptable string in the same way a variable can. Instead of the actual word event you may see e or evt in it's place.

As for your question of replacing it you could say:

someElement.addEventListener('click', (something) => {
    if ( === 'BUTTON') {
        // do stuff

without error