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Aaron Saltzman
Aaron Saltzman
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Does Illustrator CS3 support multiple artboards?

I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS3 on my Windows laptop, but noticed the instructional video uses Illustrator CC for Mac.

The ability to create multiple pages and/or artboards isn't available from the File>New pathway. My current fix is to open two separate documents side by side.

Was the multiple artboards functionality added in a later version than CS3? Does it live somewhere else in the CS3 application? Is the two documents solution the best work-around?

Christopher De Lette
Christopher De Lette
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Hi Aaron,

From what i can gather support for multiple artboards was introduced in CS4.


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Max Senden
Max Senden
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Hi Aaron, it's like Christopher said. Multiple artboards were introduced in either CS4 or CS5. So unless you're willing to upgrade I can only see a multiple documents solution.

Depending on what you're designing, and you happen to be working on a Mac, the Sketch (Bohemian) software is better equipped and a lot cheaper than Adobe Illustrator CC. Many design firms choose Sketch over Adobe nowadays. You can find it here: