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Aaron Uusitalo
Aaron Uusitalo
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Does she actually tell us what kind of attacks she referencing at 6:46?

I've re watched the video a couple of times and looked through the transcripts. Around 6:46 she implies that she has discussed two kinds of attacks, one being more serious and the other spamming.

Logically I have to assume that the first attack is a script injection of some sort, since we're filtering out special characters.

Doe she explicitly discuss these attacks anywhere else?

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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
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Hi there, Aaron Uusitalo ! Actually, this is discussed later a bit more in depth in this video. The course you're currently viewing is a "Beginner" level course. The course I linked is an "Intermediate" level course. Many people who come to Treehouse have no background whatsoever in computers/tech and would likely be baffled by that information. I believe the idea here was to introduce it in such a way as to not overwhelm a true beginner.

Hope this helps! :sparkles: