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Mark Figueroa
Mark Figueroa
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Does the serve get set up through the "cmd.exe" console? If so, how and how do I actually access my directory?

I viewed the thread and it seems others have had similar issues. The responses were not very helpful to me. I ran a google search and found how to open my command prompt:

1. Press WinKey+R
2. Type cmd
3. Press Enter


I'm not sure if that was the correct way to go about it, but I opened my "terminal" and entered: "C: \Users(my user name)>python -m SimpleHTTPServer localhost:8000," but nothing happened.

I understand the concept and why you would use a local server to view your directory's files. I don't understand how to actually set my server up or how I would access my files via my browser through my server. Please answer the following questions and explain this to me in laymens terms. Thanks in advance.

  1. How and where do I type the server name in?
  2. How do I go about navigating through/viewing my site within the server?

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Note that the first part of that line ("C: \Users(my user name)>") represents the command prompt shown by the system and is not something you would type in. The part you would type starts with the word "python".

Also, this example seems to be designed for the workspaces, which use a Linux operating system. The actual prompt you would see on a Windows system would likely be different.

Abd, Python isn't supplied by default on a Windows system. You would need to install it (if you had not already) before this command would work.

Finally, to view the site you would connect to the running server using a web browser.

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
201,932 Points

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