Java Generics in Java Generics in Java A Common Problem

Erick Luna
Erick Luna
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Does this course have prerequisites?

I can't find the prerequisites.

Teacher Russell
Teacher Russell
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A little added note, Erick. This teacher has recently begun this series of shorter Java tutorials starting with Intro to IntelliJ, then Inheritance, Interfaces, Generics, Lists, and then Maps. It wouldn't hurt to at least follow these in order. I'm pretty sure he refers back to earlier videos. Hope that helps a little.

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Jason Anders
Jason Anders
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Hi Erick Luna

I've noticed here on Treehouse that the prerequisites are listed under the course description unless you have already completed the courses that are the prerequisites. I often find it a bit confusing, and some courses have them listed whether you completed them or not, but some still do it the other way.

I don't see any listed either, but I have also completed most of the Java courses. I guess just give it a go as long as you have a good understanding of Java, you should be fine.

:) :dizzy: