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dont get it used {0} and {1} but still doexnt work


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You forgot to say which question you are having trouble with, but I'll guess it's the one that wants the date " formatted as a full date/time pattern (short time)".

The placeholder for the standard full date/time format is :point_right: {0:f}

For details, see the MSDN page on Standard Date and Time Format Strings.

Thabks also reviewed the video and from 6:00 the answer comes out. it was about the format of the date thus {0:f} is the answer Complete the following code in order to produce a string that prints the current date and time, but formatted as a full date/time pattern (short time) like so: "The current date and time is Monday, June 15, 2009 1:45 PM" string.Format("The current date and time is .", DateTime.Now)