JavaScript JavaScript Basics Making Decisions with Conditional Statements Super Conditional Challenge

dunno what to do could anyone help me


var money = 9;
var today = 'Friday';

if ( money >= 100 || today === 'Friday' ) {
  alert("Time to go to the theater");    
} else if ( money >= 50 || today === 'Friday' ) {
  alert("Time for a movie and dinner");    
} else if ( money > 10 || today === 'Friday' ) {
  alert("Time for a movie");   
} else if ( today !== 'Friday' ) {
  alert("It's Friday, but I don't have enough money to go out");   
} else {
  alert("This isn't Friday. I need to stay home.");
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  <title>JavaScript Basics</title>
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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This challenge is odd because you fix code that's broken. But you will only fix the operators, the variable names, values, and output strings should be left as-is.

Your task is to change the operators so what they are doing makes sense with the messages that are being printed.