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Duplicating lines shortcut

Is there a shortcut for duplicating lines. I noticed that the instructor copy and pasted the require 'vendor/phpmailer/src/PHPMailer.php'; instantly.

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Thanks, yea I found that it is command + S. Yeah I kind of like the vi editor if you type Y Y P for duplicating a line and dd for removing one.

Genevieve Herres
Genevieve Herres
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It depends on your text editor. Certain text editors have keyboard shortcuts for a variety of commands, however, it can take a while to really master them.

For example, I once saw a very good coder working with the vi text editor and it looked practically like magic how code was moving around. However, it wasn't magic, it was decades of programming with that editor.

If you are using a mac, there are some built-in keyboard shortcuts very similar to the emacs text editor which can really save time, you can see a summary of them here: