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Khaleel Yusuf
Khaleel Yusuf
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Email Groups Pt2

I have no idea on what to do for the second part of this challenge.
import re

string = '''Love, Kenneth,, 555-555-5555, @kennethlove
Chalkley, Andrew,, 555-555-5556, @chalkers
McFarland, Dave,, 555-555-5557, @davemcfarland
Kesten, Joy,, 555-555-5558, @joykesten'''

contacts ='''
''', string, re.X|re.M)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You may be over-thinking it, task 2 is actually quite a bit easier than task 1. Some hints:

  • you only need one group
  • you don't need to name the group
  • the group needs to be anchored at the end (using "$")
  • the pattern doesn't need any specific length constraints
  • you don't need to "print" anything for either task