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Leah Miller
Leah Miller
14,333 Points Cant get the right match

Every time I try to eliminate the , and \s from the result it no longer finds a match. With the way I have it now I get a match but it still has the , and \s. I tired using [^,\s] and [^, ] but then there are no matches. Id like to understand why and for some one to help me figure out the right way.

import re

string = '''Love, Kenneth,, 555-555-5555, @kennethlove
Chalkley, Andrew,, 555-555-5556, @chalkers
McFarland, Dave,, 555-555-5557, @davemcfarland
Kesten, Joy,, 555-555-5558, @joykesten'''

contacts ='''
''', string, re.X)

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Leah Miller
Leah Miller
14,333 Points

I just caught that! thanks!