Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Dictionaries Teacher Stats

sairam poruri
sairam poruri
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I get an error even if there is no mistake in the code. Please help!
# The dictionary will look something like:
# {'Andrew Chalkley': ['jQuery Basics', 'Node.js Basics'],
#  'Kenneth Love': ['Python Basics', 'Python Collections']}
# Each key will be a Teacher and the value will be a list of courses.
# Your code goes below here.
def num_teachers(d):
    return len(d.keys())

def num_courses(d):
    count = 0
    for i in d:
        count += len(d[i])
    return count

def courses(d):
    res = []
    for i in d:
    return res

def most_courses(a):
    maxi = 0
    teacher = ""
    for i in a.keys():
        if len(a[i]) > maxi:
            maxi = len(a[i])
            teacher = i
    return teacher

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I tested the code by pasting it directly into the challenge, and it passes the first 4 tasks.

Task 5 is to write a "stats" function, and that work clearly is yet to be done.

If you're not getting through the task 4 test, perhaps you have a browser issue. Try restarting your browser.