Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types list.remove()

Octavio Rodriguez-Castro
Octavio Rodriguez-Castro
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 918 Points

Error while submitting the task.

I'm having this error while I submit the task: Oops! It looks like Task 1 is no longer passing. I don't know what it means.
states = [
    ['red', 'green', 'blue'],

2 Answers

Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

Hi there! You're doing great, but you weren't meant to erase your code from the previous step. Take a look at what is in the Bummer! area before you "Check work"

Important: In each task of this code challenge, the code you write should be added to the code from the previous task.

In your first step, you removed the last item which is 5. Then it asks you to remove that array of colors. But because you erased the code from your first step, that 5 is now back in the list and it shouldn't be. Replacing the code from the first step and then adding this code to it should cause it to pass both step.s

Hope this helps! :sparkles: